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Visit of His Excellency the Minister of Energy


Visit of His Excellency the Minister of Energy

On the sidelines of the visit of His Excellency Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al- Saif , briefed on the progress of work and services offered by the company .Minister listend to explain , director general of Al-Samra Engineer Amjad Rawashdeh , in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Maher Madadha , a detailed report on the company's preparations in the field of electricity generation in the Kingdom and the actions carried out by preparation for facing loads summer.

provided general manager explanation detailed presentation on the company's projects and working on programs that have been implemented in electricity generation since the founding of the company. Rawashdeh stressed that Samra company strategically for the government in the electricity generation sector arm owns about 35 percent of the electrical system needs.As Samra company received the Seal of diserimination from the King Abdullah II Award for Foundation for the category of major industrial companies own, it came according to industry best practices adopted by the company within its mission in electric power generation in a safe and environmentally friendly and cost-planned by manpower and qualified as possible. He described the company as an important reference tool of the government to activate the competition and find out the prices and costs of the projects actually provided by the private sector.He pointed out that the company is implementing any project entrusted by the government or have a sense of urgency for an emergency electrical system .

Founded Samra Electric Power Generating Company Private Limited contributing owned by the government according to the provisions of the Companies Act 2004, with a capital value of 51 million dinars, and with investments of $ billion .